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I Don't Know...

2012-12-11 12:03:15 by steelside anybody establishes a following on this website. Ive been around for a long time, going to be 5 years soon. Ive made great strides in my production quality and yet barely anyone tries to help me improve by reviewing my stuff.

I hope this changes. Im gonna keep giving back to the community in the hopes that it changes.

But if the next time I leave meaty responses on someones songs and all they do is respond to all of them with s copy pasted message saying to visit their soundcloud Im gonna rage.

Been A While

2012-11-15 16:17:22 by steelside

since I've updated this.

I don't know what to do anymore. It feels like Newgrounds is really dead, I don't get the number of reviews on my shit I used to and I'm improving which means I thought I should be getting more not less.
But this site's dying so hard... I'm gonna stay here though. As long as they still offer me unlimited hostage space for my music for free, I won't be on Soundcloud any time soon.

About Me

2011-11-08 00:09:33 by steelside

My name is Eric Valdes and I make Techno, Trance, and Dance music/remixes when I feel like it. I've been screwing around with music since wow I was in like 7th grade.

I actually love to dance, or just feel the beat. Liking to dance doesn't mean I do it well though, but I don't give a shit.

Enjoy my music and review my songs, they help me improve.

League of Legends

2010-06-30 20:45:09 by steelside

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game (like Heroes of Newerth) made by the creators of DotA (Defense of the Ancients) a legendary Warcraft 3 custom map that became more popular than the actual RTS game of Warcraft 3.

League of Legends builds on it's predecessor but seeing as it's a standalone game has more freedom.

It's free to play and plays BETTER than Heroes of Newerth.
Everything necessary is obtainable with ingame points without paying a cent (influence points)! (Not stupidly expensive either).

They offer bundles, point gain boosts, and champion skins (outfits) for RIOT POINTS (real money) only.
They allow you to purchase actual champions for either RIOT POINTS or Influence Points.
Runes, which give a tiny edge in battle, MUST be purchased with INFLUENCE POINTS (no easy way out)/

Game does not play like a free to play game at all.

All Points Bulletin

2010-06-12 16:14:15 by steelside

Everyone should buy this game.

Amazing game, I've played Close Beta, everyone should go and buy this game. I know I already preordered.


2009-07-03 15:22:18 by steelside

I've had this game called Audiosurf for a while, and some people say you will play it once and never play it again but I beg to differ. It's really fun to play a new song that just came out that you like and stuff, and lately I've been making videos of some of my favorite newgrounds songs and uploading them to youtube. take a look de

Mental block

2009-06-12 17:10:32 by steelside

Taking a break from classical genre
i have mental block

techno will be uploaded soon, cross your nose for them or something

I'm back.

2009-04-09 15:54:22 by steelside

im pretty much rested up and have been for a while.
i got my computer and all my programs and am going to keep working on all songs I've promised you. i also will be uploading random project files i have in my folder of unfinished songs/ songs i deemed unworthy but still had a little potention and spruced up and uploaded. they still suck but they will be here for a listen.

im happy to be back, though my balls are sweatier than they were before the surgery. O.o i dont know why.

new songs

2009-03-29 21:35:43 by steelside

I'm working on the elementalst saga of songs that consist of Fire, Ice, Earth, and wind. each portrayed differently in song form.

i had emergency surgery on march 25, wednesday. what happened was that my testicles twisted and they had to operate to avoid me losing circulation. well now im on bedrest for a week, probably more depends waht the doc says next wednesday. it sucks tho, i kno id rather be like this than have that pain randomly show up like it did, but this is ridiculously boring. i cant be at my computer for long so i cant play any of my games ( cant sit for long or this annoyance occurs in the incision) so im forced to be on this laptop that cant run anything for 99% of my time.


2009-01-16 23:36:01 by steelside

i gots new speakars and new soundcard! woot. i luvs christmas!