Entry #12

I Don't Know...

2012-12-11 12:03:15 by steelside

...how anybody establishes a following on this website. Ive been around for a long time, going to be 5 years soon. Ive made great strides in my production quality and yet barely anyone tries to help me improve by reviewing my stuff.

I hope this changes. Im gonna keep giving back to the community in the hopes that it changes.

But if the next time I leave meaty responses on someones songs and all they do is respond to all of them with s copy pasted message saying to visit their soundcloud Im gonna rage.


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2012-12-11 13:44:53

Try some other sites (I don't know what places there are for music). If you want a following on NG, you need to be making stickman games and drawing disproportionately large breasts, it's 90% of the site.

steelside responds:

Lol what about for music?


2012-12-15 14:03:49

Maybe you should take that response as a hint and try branching out to other sites. A lot of the more popular artists here also publish their music to soundcloud, youtube, and bandcamp. Some of them even have their own websites. I think that the more places you put your music, the higher chance you have of being discovered.


2013-04-16 16:43:33

what Caudex say's is actually true but another thing that helps u become bigger is being active on the forums and giving tons and tons of good reviews. if u do that and u keep making music then magic starts to happend to your fan base reviews on your tracks, total play's and also downloads and score


2013-11-26 06:50:45

If you are thinking of a following on Newgrounds:

Make yourself known through competitions and audio collabs. The Audio Forums are gonna be your friend through this.

Right now there's an Audio Secret Santa -- who knows what musical gift you'll give, and who knows what kind of a following you'll attract?