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lowkey wanna collab on something like this, maybe lay down a hook for you to use

Profeta-Trece responds:

if you have a setup to record, send me some acapellas!

The actual composition of this is good. It loses me in the instrumentation though, and that's a damn fucking shame. I feel like that airy, trance saw you have playing needs to become intense and rigid when the drop hits. It feels like such a pushover.

Also, the woodwind sound that carries the song's melody throughout I kept wishing it was a violin, but that might just be me.

Pandasticality responds:

hmm, violin might actually work better, thank you for the creative critique, much apprectiated.
- Pandasticality

I voted 5/5 to raise your score.
This is well made, there's no doubt about that.
I still have some constructive critique though.
I don't know if it's just me but @ 0:43 the bass that enters doesn't sound right and it somewhat ruins the extremely well executed drop.
I wonder what this would sound like with a tighter, more 'bassier' bass.
Another thing about it is probably just my personal preference, but I felt like it was very drawn out and repetitive. I do understand, though, this is a classic trance track and I take that into consideration.

It's a very promising track. The best things you did were the fills and your build ups. They were executed cleanly and inserting proper fills is something I myself struggle with in my own tracks, so good work there.

typeMARS responds:

thanks for listening. great comment and helpful!

I agree with Knoxius. Too much compression, makes the mix feel very claustrophobic.
Combine that with the fact that it sounds like every single synth has some form of reverb or delay and it got really messy really fast.

I voted the song 5/5 to raise the score though because the actual song itself is very promising and the current score does not reflect that.

Work on mixing the different synths together to take up their own space in the mix using an equalizer.
Doing this, as well as toning back the compression, should clean up the muddiness of the the mix and overall make you a better producer.

Cacola responds:

The reverb was because I added a reverb effect to to the master track, this song is actually kind of old, so I thought it sounded good at the time, but I've stopped doing that since.
Thank you for voting 5, this song is definitely not my best, and mixing was never my strong suit, I'll try to work on it in the future.
Thanks for the review!


LadyArsenic responds:

Thank you! ^_^

Good trance.
Work on making drops and breaks more dynamic. I feel like drops don't drop like the need to. I know it's trance, but trance music still has dynamics.
Drops need to be the loudest part of the song, not the same as the rest of it.

and yeah I agree with Stapless, needs some female vocals.

ForeverBound responds:

Okay thanks man =)

At 0:51 all the way to the break at 1:12 the main lead synth felt like it should have been increasing in pitch to give more build up.

I feel like the intro could be shorter, too. I make intros to my songs too long too sometimes and end up just having to cut them.

I like the strings at the break at 1:12
The drop at 2:42 should be harder man, it was built up really well but then it just kinda airs out, too flat.

ForeverBound responds:

thanks for your review, I'm gonna work on the klimax and the drop to make them bigger ;)

I like the chords the piano plays and how it's incorporated into the track
A few things though.
At 00:39 I would have rather had a sweeping build up to it, a long with the main synth's pitch increasing all to reach a drop, you cut the beat, cut the bass, and just have the piano playing with some arps and/or pads in the background.
It creates more emotion in the track to have breaks like that.

And then when the beat and stuff kicked back in you could have had a synth playing a melody instead of the same rythmic synth that played in the beginning intro

Airprogressive responds:

thank you for your advise!


I really like the sounds, and you did what you set out to do, which was to create a super HD elite four battle song rendition.

What the hell did you use for the brass and strings?

Also my favorite pokemon's Cincinno.

CeeeX responds:

I used the well-known EWQL.

Thanks for the feedback!

You should find a vocal track to go along with this.

ForeverBound responds:

Okay Thanks :D

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