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I like the chords the piano plays and how it's incorporated into the track
A few things though.
At 00:39 I would have rather had a sweeping build up to it, a long with the main synth's pitch increasing all to reach a drop, you cut the beat, cut the bass, and just have the piano playing with some arps and/or pads in the background.
It creates more emotion in the track to have breaks like that.

And then when the beat and stuff kicked back in you could have had a synth playing a melody instead of the same rythmic synth that played in the beginning intro

Airprogressive responds:

thank you for your advise!


I really like the sounds, and you did what you set out to do, which was to create a super HD elite four battle song rendition.

What the hell did you use for the brass and strings?

Also my favorite pokemon's Cincinno.

CeeeX responds:

I used the well-known EWQL.

Thanks for the feedback!

You should find a vocal track to go along with this.

ForeverBound responds:

Okay Thanks :D


"It sounds like Final Fantasy, nig!"

Sure. But it does. Like when you leave the start screen on and don't press start music.

Neon-Bard responds:

Hahahaha! Hilarious! I suppose it does have a certain Final Fantasy quality to it, which I'll take as a compliment! :D

You and I have very similar styles, not really, but really, at the same time. You should put the original song in the comments though.

KittenBeat responds:

Right. This is the second version I've uploaded and must have missed it. Thanks. :3

It's different. And, TBH, I like to see other people other than I trying their hand at remixes. It's so fun once you get it started, right?

And I can tell it's an old song too. Maybe even going back to this and making it even better?

KittenBeat responds:

Yeah, I might just do that. :P

I love coming on and seeing no reviews on a track. You know why? Because I know I'm making someone's day by writing the review.

Words cannot describe the hidden marvels such as you that are covered by the miles of filth that makes up the audio portal.

You know you're good, I hope. How am I supposed to critique someone who's music sounds as if it is more professional than my own?

All I can say is this, and remember these words, let them resonate in your ears:

As one gains experience, the production value of their work increases, but the threat of losing themselves becomes so real.
Don't forget cREaTiVitY
This song lacks much of it.

I really hate the rating system on this site sometimes. A part of me believes that 5 STAR ratings should be reserved for like super pro as fuck songs written by the audio portal's household names like ParagonX9, B0UNC3, DJ Nate, NemesisTheory, Waterflame, etc..

And another part of me knows that nobody follows that code because it isn't a perfect world. I can't vote 4.5 on the actual vote it makes me mad. I rated 5 cus I didn't want to be the asshole that knocked you off the fresh-submission high-horse. I know how that feels. When your submission went from being 5.00 for three days to 3.5 over night. It sucks.

But I like it, don't get me wrong. It's perfect for what you described. Good Job, you have talent.

Magnamus0 responds:

Thank you SOOOO much for being considerate like that! And i know what you mean, it SHOULD be a 10/10 system.. just to make things a LITTLE more accurate but what can you do eh?
But i just want to say, thank you so much for the review, you don't even realize how much I appreciate feedback, especially positive feedback, let alone the score! <3
You da man!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're a natural, bro. Your probably don't remember me or care to, but I have you followed. And for good reason.

Some ideas. It's really good. I like the breakdown at 1:37 a lot but the screeching piano distortion isn't my style. It felt like the sounds had TOO much reverb which made them super empty sounding no substance. that note or chord at 2:28 is awkward and muddy.
The bass I want it to be more bassy
Work around with layering synths and EQing them to force them into different frequencies so that your freqs don't get muddy.
Your beats and breakdowns are really good.
I feel like the song itself needs to change up more to merit being this long.

tomdink responds:

Thanks dude for the in depth!! I really actually will take this all into consideration for my songs to come, it's actually very helpful advice!!! Thanks so much dude (and feel free to review more of my songs like this or follow me so you can always see my newest, this really actually was a really helpful review dude!!!) :)

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