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its like some medieval stuff

ur right its nice i give 4 and 8

check out my new song Drums of War if you dont mind!

omg the portal wont take me back

what the first commenter said, white noise/ 8-bit sound scratchy is kinda good but maybe lower it or sumthing? actually not lower it.. make it i dunno actually nvm leave it as is its fine. lol !!! add sum vocals lol they make everything fun! tho this is trance and not sure if "Trance" has vocals in it... isnt it just techno thats all ambient? if thats it then nice work at 3:35 sounds AWESOME like some radio DJ just changed songs. now the songs over and u just exited a portal O.o I wanna go back.... SEXAY song. this doesnt deserve the score it has.. a 3.89 with 9 votes!!? I'll raise that for ya.

Airprogressive responds:

hahahaha thanks 4 your comment!! XD


I like reviews too! heres one!

it would have so much sexier if i didnt feel like it woulda ruined my speakers. !!! Such a good song and in 42 minutes i understand you didnt master it, but if you did master it I would have given you 10 and a 5. I give u a 4/5 and 7/10.

You and me man. we similar is visions. checks out my moosik!!! thats music in foreign.

I like reviews, so I'll give one unto you! lol

I like reviews alot and today I uploaded my song a few seconds before you did so I am going to return the favor and give reviews cus I know how much I like them!

I give you a 3/5 and a 7/10. i cant blame you for being limited sound wise but I cant seem to get into this song much. sounds really happy to and soft to be a RAVE MIX, I would fall asleep to this not dance to it. I like it as a type of relaxing piece, not a RAVE DUNDNDNDNNANAAN song.


sexy and perfect I love it. make me one, wait no jk. lol. okay that wasnt funny but wahtever ill be all generic and type lol after i type something stupid. can listen to this for a while and just think. think and think. about how fucking sucky my life is then wait for it, im all like no, wait men dont get depressed or emo so i am all like RAWR and this song is good, bye.

MusicalRocky responds:

Hahahah okay.
Thanks for reviewing dude.



for a first submission it isnt bad, lol u can check out my first submission on my page, you'll see what i mean. eventually u will improve, tho it will take years :/

ur fucking amazing

llol i an actually laughing out loud
and smiling lol wow ur awesome
added to favorites and like giving links to friends


cant stop laughing


a little mastering never hurt its still good tho

DjRhythm89 responds:

ah im glad you brought that up i forgot to master the song when i was don't ask me why cuss i dont save the file just the music so i could not go back and redo every thing haha


rapist sound! Really good, I never heard the original but it doesnt matter, this is amazing. If it had vocals it would be better because its so... repetitive? i guess the original was repetitive too.

wyldfyre1 responds:

Yeah, the original had vocals. We basicly took one part. Repeated it and added new drums and lots of nice strings.

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