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epic phail in my book. sadly someone told me that if i can easily recognized multiple sounds blatantly, that means that its an EPIC PHAILURE!!! like no offense but right off the bat you are using crappy shit from the template which suck anyway cus the ppl i kno, and including myself, only use the default VST's in fruity to make their own sounds, seeing as the presets suck ASS!! heres an example. never again. big phailure dude. srsly i am sry. you need a song structure cant just put song on top of song and shit it got suckky 3 for effort 2 for vote. try harder

gamerworld14 responds:

sorry man, this was one of my worst pieces, check out some of my more recent stuff :D

Wow, no fair!

This is promising. u sound a lot like my fav newgrounds artist, B0UNC3! Make the kick harder, like the two guys below me said, and i dunno, thanks for reviewing my songs. i cant really review urs since u are better than me ( you kno what I would really appreciate! something that I could never figure out how to do, and sometimes i think i kno but then i try it and it sounds suckage is the buildup from 25-38. if u can pm me how to do that I'll Love you for ever and ever

Let's see here...

I dunno what to say but i can make something. some of the trance songs on newgrounds contain complex scores similar in complexity to famous classical writers. then others are like the mainstream artists who focus that potential into the beats of the song since they are meant to be danced to. i felt that you didn't work on this as much as you could've but you have the potential to make a real good song. i suggest making longer, catchier melodies when you repeat, and use the trance beats that we all know and love. if you want to be rly good and get 10s and 5s, then get good beats and a good melody. I'm giving you a 3 cus it wasnt suck but im not dancing either. on this review you got a 6 because of weak melodies, that were backed up by the overplayed trance beats(that didnt change in the song either.) hope this helps, Steelside out.

DJ-VIZ responds:

This song wasnt really intended for you to be dancing too...

omgz u liekz teh total new guy on my psp

liek okay letz go wit da way like the ppl we gotz the legendary B0uNc3, whom prolly went pro and abandoned his damn newgrounds account. we gotz dj-nate who, was average, then got rly good and peaked and now hes laying out overdone songs that sound forced, and now u, who hav teh awesomelycljuaritcal honor of being on mah PSP OH SUCK SUCK SUCK IT OH OOO O OO OO
lulz i reviewd adn stuff, now u gotta liek revieww on my songs lulz, jk
no srsly, do it tho.


I can't make a song like this for my life. if i try i get carried away and it starts to sound so complex. GOD. Please help me, please!!!! Look at my last two songs, and you'll see what I mean, PM me please, I'd appreciate it, I just want a little help, please?

oh my god

I really would appreciate you reviewing my song titles DJSS- As We Move On. It is a classical piece but not nearly as elaborate as your songs. I really would love to have a pro review my music!


kiss me

hehe this is how you kno

how do u kno you own?
when you got more downloads than listens.


Can You share with us what you use for music, everything you have, please!
You are good for when I have a headache/want to blast something loud to annoy my house, cus i can enjoy music while they get annoied, all for me!! woohoo


when you make it, you have to put some chords in, raise the volume for the main melody, put some like breakdowns and build ups, and stress on the melody.

DJ-Prodigy responds:

Thanks for the great advice! Will definitely remember that.

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