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its good. until 0:55 when that ugly synth comes in. It ruined the song. I was thinking some deep bass tones not a semi-dubsteppy wobble fart garble sound. and the vocals are so good it was a shame really.

ModuleMusic responds:

Thanks for the response, I will go back and change it up.

Okay. Once again you start off good, but lose me at the first drop. There is no melody in this song until halfway through, just chords without progression. for a minute and a half. At the first drop at 0:38, melody needs to happen.

ForeverBound responds:

Well u have the piano melody in the beginning and then comes there in a sudden the main melody. also one of my points is that i'm not gonna change songs much when they are released because mostley it mess them really bad up. so i will try to think about this in my running projects ;)

Okay, the intro is fucking amazing, I fucking loved it, If I only listened to the intro it would have been 5 stars

But then 0:26 happened and its like a kick in the balls. It didn't have the emotion you were building up to I think it has to do with the lack bass mostly. There was MORE bass right before 0:26 in the buildup than there was at the drop, and the buildup gradually adding bass was what made me wet myself, where did it go why did it disappear?

wait a second. I think it has to do with the balancing between synths.

I'm giving this 4.5 stars, because you're killing me bro. Like, I keep expecting shit that doesn't happen and it lets me down. At 2:03 that lead synth needs to do something new. It either needs to A) play a slightly new alteration on the melody on the same chord, B) change into a wider saw sound to contrast from the buildup, or C) do both.

Oh and at 1:50 would have been a perfect place for some break down. Cut the piano and save it for the drop at 2:03 i dont wanna sound like a douche and tell you how to make music. This is all strictly opinion.

I just felt like you TRIED to have the emotion I was looking for but I didn't come out in the end product. The entire song, even though there were build ups and drops, was a streamlined experience at full throttle the entire time from beginning to end. TO make a drop effective you have to have major contrast between it's corresponding build up to make it dramatic, if that makes sense.

ForeverBound responds:

U hear a lot of bass because there is only a bass playing in the beginning and the drums. they start on the High ends and end on the low ends etc. why there isn't a lot of bas at the drop is because of synths balance. i can put in more bass but then the hole song is unballanced

This is better than Enlightenment. The synth on this is exactly what I expected a song like Enlightenment to have. But I still have some critiques.

I'm using headphones right now but 1:30 raped my ears a little.
The song's really basic but I'm really into minimalistic sounds if you couldn't tell from my tracks. I want you to go back to this and finish it. This isn't done.

ForeverBound responds:

I gues that it reaped your ears because of your headphones. also i'm trying my best to finish this but it already took me 2 months to get it where it is now. so I'm gonna leave it like this and go further with new songs

I immediately knew i was gonna like this from the beginning because it's exactly in my realm of music. This chill, relaxing vibe, but i do have some critique.

The synth that starts to come in at like 0:35 and finishes coming in at 0:48 is very very raw and rough which completely contrasts the soothing nature of the song.

The changeup at 2:00 was nice and the new synth was a ton less raw and harsh, but still felt like it wasnt rounded enough. It kinda felt like someone stabbing a pillow with a foam knife. but maybe thats just personal opinion i lean toward more airy and breathy sounds.

I like it.

ForeverBound responds:

Okay thanks man i liked this more :)

I like your style. This is so relaxing omg. Great job here. I can't BELIEVE no body reviews your shit. fuck this website. Nobody reviews ANYTHING ANYMORE. Newgrounds is so dead.

RayGinzburg responds:

Thanks! share it with our friends and you can listen to the full EP here

easy to listen to. I'm usually hesitant when clicking on songs labelled as "'rock" on this website because I fear for my ears as well as having a hatred for anything even closely resembling death metal emo screamo trash, but this was very very nice i thoroughly enjoyed it!

I come from a completely different part of music with my most recent submissions being Ambient/Electronica with vocals and my past submissions being mostly Trance/Techno of some kind, but I liked this piece for it's ability to captivate me just like my favorite songs do, while still being simple, which parallels my own minimalistic style of music.

It reminded me of vacations. Of summer time and beaches, a welcome reminder of nice life will be once the blistering cold season's done and over with. Good job and keep it up!

And if you don't mind, maybe check some of my stuff out?

RayGinzburg responds:

Thanks, a lot of my songs tend to have a very ambient vibe. You can listen to the whole EP here http://soundcloud.com/rayginzburg/sets/barriers-of-flight/

all instrumental, im not the best singer...

I don't know who DJ Splash is but this isnt bad at all. It's a shame how barren this website has gotten in the feedback and review department. Nobody ever takes the time to write something.

It's very upbeat and happy sounding and has a nice melody. I do prefer more ambient/trance music to this, but it doesn't mean i don't ever like songs of these kind. It just depends the mood i'm in.

A few of my songs are upbeat, similar to this one, but not recently, so it was nice to listen to this and hear a contrast in what i've been making lately. It actually reminded me of what I used to try to aspire to create when I first started on newgrounds years ago.

EuphoriaSound responds:

Thanks for the feedback :)

very nice for what it is. I've made some loops before too. Here's hoping this get's used in flashes on the site like mine have! <3

Seismoz responds:

Yeah i hope so :) I guess i'll use it for my own stuff too.

why instruments sound so bad lulz

es okay in beginning. then it sounds really bad. piano has emotiun, make it emotiunal

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