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i think you are pulling our legs off or something

This is familar, I think a bunch of your songs are the same song just remixed multiple times, still good.

MaestroRage responds:

haha, well I do admit my style often gives a sense of songs being too close to another. But no none of these songs are remixes of each other. If I remember right this song was written mid 2007 which I think you will hear many stylistic similarities of songs in that period.

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!


LOLOLOLOLOL I like it. Don't know why I find it funny that I didn't like it until like 10 seconds passed I was like, OH OKAY. I gave it a four but i woulda given it a 4.5. i dont know why newgrounds gives the reviews the power of a 1-10 star rating but then the votes that actually matter get only 1-5. That screws everything up because the songs are friggin organized by vote rating anyway.

Check out my songs when you have the chance!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Well, the song does start off slow. And I WILL check out your songs when I get the chance!

I gave it a 4

I feel like the song is building up to something that never comes. That kinda leaves you with a :( sadface. Too much anticipation. Though, seeing as it is supposed to be an ambient song, which I also have uploaded some of, I understand why. It is supposed to be a background for a menu or something I would be guessing.


dont listen to anyone. its good, i like it, so dont worry.


It wasn't long ago that I reviewed your Waves of Fury. Wow, it's like you are growing up so fast, good job. 5/5 10/10 for effort

gamerworld14 responds:

lol, thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. If you think I have improved a bit in making music, you should check out how much I have improved in graphic design. check me out at: http:// www. gamerworld14. deviantart. com

Thanks for the review :D


don't listen to undead whales

Wow, DeadWhale. You gave this a 1? It doesnt deserve a 1!!! Give it at least a 5 or something if you don't like it... I bet he is so jealous, this songs great.

good for a menu background or something

Nice work! sounds like something I would TRY to do. maybe its just me but my songs dont come out like i dunno. nvm. come over and take a listen to my songs, the last one i uploaded i uplaoded 2 songs before yours! it sucks. i didnt work on its one of those you kno, random project files i have had saved. check out some of my older songs I'd appreciate it! ok. this song is a good loop or something for a menu in a game like uhh thing thing or something, I dont kno, but this can easily be background for a menu. VERY easily. gave u a 5 cus i like u

not my style of music

its not really my style, and could sound better. I never heard the originals so i dont know if it supposed to hurt my ears at certain parts. but since I like to get reviews on my songs I decided to give somethingback to NG and not be a total hypocrite. You know though.. after 2:00 its sounds nice! it obviously could have better sounds that u used but it still works. still not my style. hehe i gave u a 4 on the vote. that seems fair, right?

Sandman1278 responds:

Wow, thanks for the quick response, I wish I had some better sound banks then what I have in logic but I do what I can, were exactly do your ears hurt in certain parts? So i can try to fix it?

if you want to here what the original sounds like, there is a link at the bottom here.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_of_F ugue


nice, make a song out of this if u can

MicroVirus6 responds:

maybe ;)

why do you hate me

can u reply to my review? You are like my inspiration to keep trying at music so yeah it would mean alot to me. u never reply to my pm's either! do you hate me? huh? wtf gives man? just like my sister maybe i should just give up on u and everyone else and just cry. she says that tasting the blood makes the pain feel better when she cuts herself. maybe u shouldnt make music anymore u ungreatful bastard. but thne thousands of NG bastards would cry, well to anyone who cries should be shot inbetween the eyes.

B0UNC3 responds:

Would be easier to answer if you a actually wrote one =)
EDIT, I rarely look back at my songs more than once a week :( sorry lol

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