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Just keep learning

you're getting betteR? take a look at my stuff, and then some of my first submissions when i first discovered FL studio for some ideas bro.

Reviews would be appreicated too :D


i get it you made it in 30 minutes and you odnt care for it. for that little effort, its pretty cool.

Listen and review to some of my stuff sometime :D

Liked it.

I listen to drum and bass on occasion, and usually what makes the genre for me is actually having bass. This song had none. Fix that and you'd get a higher score from me. i voted 4/5.

Listen and review some of my stuff sometime :D

pichuscute0 responds:

Get subs ;D But thanks. I suppose the bass could be a bit deeper, but yeahh.


You're voice amazing, guitar out of tune.


One thing, the drums are too loud too harsh. Don't match the rest of the ambient feel. Otherwise okay, I guess. Needs less repetition. A lot less.

angler082133 responds:

Thanks for your input. It is repetitive But i'm not done yet. I will fix that and make it more for someone to put lyrics in.

This is nice

This reminds me of this hispanic chick I know named Jasmine. I'm pretty sure she digs me. That had nothing to do with the song, just thought you should know.

This is bland though, but you get 10 and 5/5 for reminding me of someone I know, and trying something with a spanish flare, which is probably the hardest music ever. I'm cuban, I should know.

PoyzenJam responds:

maybe you should play this song to jasmine and get jiggy wit it.
maybe ill hype it up a little more if i decide to work on this more
thanks for the review

How the fuck???

I give you score because it's funny and all, but its pretty fucking obvious you dont take this seriously and many people do in the audio portal. There are many good submissions that deserve front pages that were cast down because this somehow made the front page. Wtf is this shit, you just fucking around with a microphone, srsly, look all those views and shit. I am losing faith in this community.


This is useful for a dreamy monologue or something. So happy. It reminds me of final Fantasy back when it used to be cool to play.

Since I'm one of the many people on newgrounds who do nice things expecting something in return, I'd love you to check out my songs. One song in particular, "Sleeping on a Cloud" had this song under 'Users who liked this also enjoyed:" so thats how i got here.

Why is it so quiet? In beginning

Why is it so quiet? Kinda sleep inducing. It gets good at like 1:20 when the bass gets in. I dunno what else to say, I like reviews on my own stuff so I decided to give back :)

Not much I can say on this, it's a good mainstream trance song. Check out my stuff too sometime!

IAmKosMos responds:

Well thanks for the review then Steelside :) yeah thats the point of my trance, i like people to feel like the song is taking over them and theres nothing they can do about it so to speak. yeah man ill check out your stuff for sure!

- Kos-Mos

Fuck me harder

LOL It sounds different minus the midi's

MaestroRage responds:

the first 30 or so seconds is as faithful to the original as I could manage, the rest is just me doing my own little thing. I always love hearing my favorite game songs rendered through high quality instruments. Gives them a more hardcore vibe I can really get into it.

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!

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