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the notes aren't quite right, but it was much much better than ur last song. ur improving, ill give u that. here is my favorite remix of this song, done by NemesisTheory. shes one of my fav artists here on NG. this is the link to the remix she made of this, it is AWESOME http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/161825

Enigma21 responds:

thanks man. im pretty sure the notes are right though because i know how to play it on mallets so idk. its in a lower octive so maybe thats it. but thanks for the review. oh and iv heard nemesistheorys thing and i know its rly good.

:/ yea

the fact that all your materials and stuff for this song were laid out for you and all that was changed were the sounds, i dunno. not really a remix if u ask. i still love u.

jsut lol


dj-Nate responds:



... i wont be able to paly tetris evar again...

MaestroRage responds:

=O Nooo! Keep playing, this game is my favorite! Ask Ragey, he knows! Thanks for listening!
With love,
Mandi <3


i knew that was deffinately ladyarsenic. her voice is so nice i wanna touch her voice. just her voice. yes i am a creeper. rawr. its hawt song, 10/10 5/5.

oh and tell ladyarsenic's voice that it should have my babies

I'd Rape your voice O.o lol

you sound so nice. :D lol but this sounds weird cus it aint christmas and I am listening to this ppl come into my room my brother was like WTF? well what ever 10/10/ 5/5 why is the score so low i dunno. that rhymed!

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you kindly. Like I said, it's a little late for Christmas music, but better late than never. =/ People have been 0 bombing the CRAP out of our music, so that's why my score is so low. Silly jealousy. ^_^ Won't let it get to us, will we? Thanks for listening!
With love,
Mandi <3

OMG 5th post

I enjoy all of your music. I am using this one to help in concentrating and write myself an essay thats due tommorrow. man You are my idol and I know alot of these ppl say things like that man, I really mean it. You are an inspiration and one of the reasons I started making my own music. I knew the notes, not the software. didnt take me long to get the basics tho. Thanks a lot for being alive


i actuall like it i especially knowing its ur first song ur gonna be really good. if u check out my first song youd know what i mean. here is ur 4/5

i like this good for happy ending

i love you. If you have time and reviewed my new song as I am reviewing yours, It would be like having a celebrity visit your house you know? I know you probably wont read this but if you do c,mon dont leave me hangin! YOU ARE THE MAESTRORAGE and you are awesome come on... please? this is an happy ending song

MaestroRage responds:

hey steelside!

I read every review I get, though I do admit I don't have as much time as i'd like to respond to each and every one. I do my best buy it's not often enough :c.

I will check by your page right away! Thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


dis shits hawt. ima get down to dis meng. check my newest song since i checked out urs lol.

Hotplurplegnome responds:

yeah thanks for the review!
check out the other songs man!

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